Our Services

Within our team of consultants, Berrico has the expertise to design and deliver training programs across a wide range of topics.

Business Management

  • governance and leadership
  • negotiation skills
  • strategic thinking & planning
  • project management
  • sales & business training
  • customer service skills
  • business telephone skills
  • change management

Management Development

  • leadership training
  • management development
  • management thinking tools
  • frontline management
  • performance management
  • time management
  • team building & development
  • conflict resolution skills

Training & Presentation Skills

  • presentation skills
  • public speaking
  • media skills
  • train the trainer
  • workplace assessor

Personal Development Skills

  • stress management
  • life balance & career planning
  • reflective thinking
  • writing skills
  • interpersonal communication
  • image & deportment

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Consulting Services

Berrico Consultants represents a small team of tertiary qualified consultants who specialise in Reform Projects that require HR development input.

Assignments to date include:

  • technology & structural reform projects
  • fiscal reform projects
  • training curriculum design
  • curriculum evaluation & validation projects
  • job analysis / training needs analysis (TNA) surveys
  • workplace training programs
  • workplace assessment & coaching contracts
  • management of training teams & projects

Berrico Consultants seeks to establish working partnerships with key organisations in the following way:

Strategic input

  • assist with learning strategy design, development and implementation
  • diagnose organisational and individual development needs (eg job analysis, TNA, validate existing systems & programs)
  • offer adaptive and simple Learner Management Systems
  • identify all Australian and NZ programs and suppliers that can meet specific training services
  • prepare and cost proposals for executives on possible options
  • support marketing and promotion of learning & development initiatives to staff for preferred solutions
  • prepare a competency model that links directly to organisational goals
  • review, validate and report on pilot solutions offered

Fiscal input & accreditation

  • assist your organisation with becoming a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), if required
  • assist your organisation with securing traineeships
  • develop a Certificate or Diploma in Management; or Certificates / Diplomas /Advanced Diplomas (eg in Government, Insurance, Business as nationally accredited qualifications)
  • develop other accredited qualifications for your staff

Design, develop and implement training solutions

  • business management (eg leadership, negotiation skills, marketing & sales training, customer service skills, change management)
  • management development (eg executive development, frontline management, time management, team building)
  • training & development skills (eg presentation skills, on-the-job training, assessment and workplace trainer programs)
  • personal development (eg stress management, career planning, writing skills, conflict resolution
  • these solutions can be delivered using face-to-face and flexible learning systems (including e-learning options)

Executive coaching and mentoring

  • personal and business coaching options
  • individual efficiency & effectiveness audits
  • design & support mentoring systems for key staff

Accredited tools and techniques used by consultants

  • Berrico Consultants is affiliated with a RTO (registered training organisation) which enables us to assist you a wide variety of accredited courses
  • we can conduct workplace assessment (for recognition of prior learning)
  • DISC Behavioural Profiling & MBTI assessment
  • Accelerated Creative Teaching and Individual Learning / Working Styles
  • Life Style Inventory, Organisational Culture Inventory and Group Style Inventory
  • Team Management Systems and Star Performing Teams
  • Leadership Impact and Leadership Skills Behaviour instruments
  • mediate disputes (consultants are accredited with Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators of Australia)