Bachelor of Science and Master in Education (Management Development) plus Diplomas in Government & Management. Fellow member of AIM. Fellow member of AICD

Eric is the founding director of Berrico Consultants. With over twenty five years of practical business experience and directorships, Eric has consulted on HRD issues to many organisations throughout Australia, NZ, North America, Asia and Europe.

He specialises in:

Organisational Change Projects – as team leader & HR specialist
Curriculum Design & Evaluation – as coordinator and HR researcher
Workplace Training Programs – as designer, manager and presenter

Eric has consulted on many projects in Australia, NZ and internationally – ranging from analysis of training needs, development of training specifications, design/development of training modules and delivery of training modules. He has also validated training programs for various organisations.

Sample projects:

AQIS (Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service)
Eric was a key consultant on their Client Service Project. Researched needs, developed e-learning strategy paper for Executives, designed & piloted training modules (e-learning and face-to-face), pilot tested modules and delivered key modules to 330 leaders on Middle Manager Development Program Project throughout Australia.

Department of Immigration

Eric was contracted as the TNA Coordinator of five major computing firms (eg Ipex, Spherion, Acumen) who analysed the computing needs of all staff throughout Australia. Berrico Consultants planned the TNA, briefed/coordinated/controlled independent companies, collated findings, reported to Executive with recommendations leading to a range of pilot programs/services.


Eric was contracted as the budget training advisor to the Department of Finance (Republic of Georgia, former USSR) for US International Aid program. Analysed training needs of all budget managers & staff, designed 30 training modules with input from subject specialists, trained local trainers, piloted and evaluated key modules before handing them over to in-country training providers

Australian Defence Force

Eric was contracted as the HR team leader (Lt Col rank equivalent). Designed TNA, developed training modules, managed training team for pilot, evaluated modules and delivered final modules to Defence Executive. Received one of few written references for excellence in roll-out of training across all three services of ADF.