This program aims to develop your ability to cope with change. It draws on change management theory to identify the key challenges facing individuals in times of change and suggests strategies for dealing with it at a personal and team level.

Though it is not specifically designed for managers or team leaders who must implement change, the principles and processes will aid in their understanding of ‘change management’

Learning Objectives

This workshop will enable learners to:

  • identify the reasons behind workplace change
  • apply the change cycle to their own workplace experiences
  • discuss reasons for individual resistance to change
  • develop strategies for dealing with change


Session 1: Basics of Change
  • overview of course & introductions
  • models of change (cycles and matrix)
  • types, trends and speed of change
  • change as a ‘life-skill – your life & workplace experiences
  • developing a balanced view – stress & self management
Session 2: Denial
  • turning fear of losses & the unknown to an advantage
  • temperament types & emotional intelligence (EI)
  • how change impacts people – common reactions
  • using parables: “Who Stole My Cheese?” & “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”
Session 3: Resistance
  • direct, indirect & passive responses
  • how to handle hot and cold conflict
  • reactive versus proactive behaviour
  • understanding the values of yourself & others
Session 4: Exploration
  • force-field analysis techniques
  • thinking creatively – de Bono’s 6 Hats
  • scenario thinking – predicting the future
Session 5: Acceptance
  • anticipating change – networking strategies
  • ‘The Courageous Follower’ – the courage to follow or not
  • implementing new ideas & skills in the workplace

Target Audience

Team members who are working in changing situations.


One day (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Maximum Participants



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February 22, 2016