Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a very positive and practical method of organisational change. It uses past successes, experiences of excellence and ‘best practices’ as the foundation for future evolution, which in turn builds organisational culture. This is a completely new mindset to dealing with change, as it does not focus on what is not working. The seminar is very practical, introducing AI in both a theoretical and experiential manner. As a result of joining the program, participants can expect to enhance their non-judgmental listening skills, engage individuals & teams in a collective vision, and foster collaboration, trust & respect within their target group.

Learning Objectives

This workshop will enable learners to:

  • explore & experience new approaches to organisational change using an appreciative approach
  • foster generative and meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders that invites action
  • explore & examine ways of engaging an entire organisation, team or group in a process of change
  • present a methodology to decision makers that focuses on positive core values and vision


Session 1: Introduction & history of Appreciative Inquiry
Session 2: Conceptual framework & foundation ideas
Session 3: Overview of the ‘4-D Model’ (discover, dream, design, deliver)
Session 4: Applications of the methodology
Session 5: Summary & Action Planning

Target Audience

Managers, leaders, executives and independent HR consultants.


Two days (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Maximum Participants



Posted on

March 31, 2017