Effective Project Sponsorship


A practical course for project sponsors, on how to best work with project managers, projects teams and key stakeholders to achieve project success

Learning Objectives

As a result of this program the participants can expect to:

  • separate the role of project sponsor from other project roles
  • identify their unique responsibilities as project sponsors
  • define the key stakeholders and the implications for their projects
  • assist with risk identification and mitigation
  • identify and manage the connections and coordination between projects
  • remove unnecessary project management processes (“lean project management”)
  • encourage accuracy and openness of project status reporting
  • identify early warning signs of project difficulties (including results shortfalls, slow expenditure and staff burn-out) and how to get back on track.
  • recognise the importance of celebrating success
  • enhance effective project process debriefing and learning

Target Audience

Project Sponsors – typically Senior Executives & Directors


Two hours (can expand to a half-day, depending on the scope for this module)

Maximum Participants



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February 22, 2016