People won’t be ‘sold’ anything! But they can be helped to decide what they need to buy.

Having the skills to influence clients benefits everyone. Clients secure the best solution to their needs. Individual sales people increase their income. Organisations enjoy continuous growth which will ensure ongoing support for its clients.

This is the ultimate “win-win”, but is dependent on the sales skills and confidence of each person in the team. This course is designed to enhance existing skills in sales, service and client communications.

Learning Objectives

This workshop will enable learners to:

  • describe the “essential skills” required for sales & service
  • discuss the phases of an effective sale
  • practise key communication and sales skills
  • consolidate good preparation & presentation techniques
  • discuss obstacles and approaches to handling them
  • understanding “personality types” and ways to work with them
  • practise “making recommendations” and “closing the sale”
  • consolidate the importance of handling rejection professionally
  • extend sales opportunities with existing clients and new ones


Session 1: Introduction to Sales
  • the selling process
  • your role, attitude and essential skills
  • why people buy
  • understanding your product or service (creating FABS)
Session 2: Finding & Managing New Clients
  • prospect for clients
  • prospecting techniques & strategies
  • client engagement and management
Session 3: Mastering the Sales Process
  • modifying approach between small sales & large contracts
  • planning your approach (including checklists)
  • skills for opening to closing the sale
  • SPIN and Smarter Selling models
Session 4: Hunters and Farmers
  • essential skills (listening, paraphrasing, questioning, summarising)
  • making a sales presentation
  • overcoming objections and gaining commitment
Session 5: Adapting to the Client
  • adjusting for different styles
  • responding to difficult clients

Target Audience

Staff and supervisors working in retail & account management environments.


One day (typically 9.00am – 5.00pm)

Maximum Participants



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February 22, 2016