Giving and Receiving Feedback

Giving & Receiving Feedback is a workshop that explores the performance review skills needed to contribute to the National Archive’s performance management scheme. The skills associated to this process have application to teamwork, client service and supporting your manager.

By the conclusion of this workshop participants will feel more confident in their ability to give and receive constructive feedback with all key stakeholders in their workplace.

This workshop has been designed to align with the Working in Government Units of Competence relating to performance management.

  • General staff (PSPGOV315A) – Give and receive workplace feedback

This training workshop does NOT lead to a Certificate of Attainment. Participants who seek to gain qualifications such as the Certificate in Government should contact Berrico Consultants directly to discuss the assessment requirements. The ‘Giving and Receiving Feedback’ program is designed for participants who are supervised by managers or supervisors.

Learning Objectives

  • Seek and act on workplace feedback
  • Provide informal feedback in the workplace
  • Provide formal feedback in the workplace


Session 1: Discussing Performance
  • Performance Management Models and approaches
  • Benefits and personal experiences
  • Diagnosing ‘Discussing Performance’ video
  • Preparing for formal performance interviews
Session 2: Working with Different Styles
  • Self analysis of work style
  • Communicating with different styles
  • Techniques for giving and receiving feedback
  • Styles of feedback (continuum of approaches)
  • Principles for giving feedback; and for giving feedback
  • Practical activity: Workplace scenarios
  • Providing input for L&D activities
Session 3: Dealing with Difficult Situations
  • Common approaches to difficult situations
  • Dimensions of conflict situations
  • Diagnosing a conflict situation
  • Defining and dimensions of conflict
  • Levels of conflict and modes of resolution
Session 4: Rehearsal Session
  • Practice in ‘hearing their side’
  • Practice in ‘telling our side’
  • Exercises – Difficult Scenarios
  • Communicating under pressure

Target Audience

Staff members and new Team Leaders


One Day (9:00am – 5:00pm)

Maximum Participants