Image & Presentation

Personal and professional presentation, immaculate grooming, business and social etiquette are an essential part of development, confidence, self-esteem and personal or workplace image, the complete package. A first impression is a lasting impression. To make a great impression, key aesthetic and emotional attributes must be known and exercised. This course explores those key attributes and introduces simple and effective personal tools to assist people in identifying and presenting their image. Learners will not only benefit personally and professionally from this module, they will also enjoy a new level of confidence and self-esteem.

This module covers the aesthetic and emotional attributes that develop people’s image.

Learning Objectives

This course will encourage learners to:

  • Identify their personal and professional image
  • Recognise aesthetic and emotional attributes that lead to positive and productive communication
  • Explain the importance of the five senses in:
  • Sight – what we see and how it effects the way we act or treat others
  • Sound – how we use our voice and its impact on personal interactions and presentations
  • Smell – what we can smell and how it effects behaviour
  • Touch – how to create a good impression by exercising protocols in physical contact
  • Taste – human relations and etiquette, how we conduct ourselves at work and social functions
  • Develop routines and habits that improve their personal and professional well being
  • Develop networking skills


Session 1: The Complete Image
Session 2: Posture, Deportment and Body Language
Session 3: Personal Hygiene
Session 4: Sound, Voice and Presentation Skills
Session 5: Touch, Hair and Skin Care (Make-up for the ladies)
Session 6: Human Relations – The way we treat others & ourselves
Session 7: Etiquette – Business, Social and Protocol
Session 8: Networking
Session 9: Media Liaison

Target Audience

Staff at all levels wishing to update their professional image or individuals wanting to advance themselves personally and/or professionally.


1 ½ hours

½ day
(Overview & Self Analysis)

1 day (9.00am – 5.00pm)
(Overview, Self Analysis & Consultation)

Maximum Participants

1 ½ hours – 25
½ day – 15
1 day – 10


Posted on

February 22, 2016