Leading with EI

A leader’s ability to understand how their behaviour impacts on others is becoming critical as staff become more discerning on where they work and who they work for. Your behaviour and attitude influences staff morale, employee satisfaction, productivity, absenteeism, and often the ultimate success of an organisation.

You will leave the program with an increased self awareness about your own behaviour and underlying drivers as well as an increase in confidence about how to lead yourself and others. It is designed to inspire individuals to achieve their potential and will provide numerous opportunities through hands on activities to access tools and techniques to ensure increased performance and success that can be translated from work into life.

Learning Objectives

You will learn about the importance of emotional intelligence in practical terms. You will experience activities that allow you to increase your own self-awareness of underlying triggers and drivers, as well as ways to lead yourself and others more effectively. You will increase your ability to fulfill your own potential in work and life. Each person will receive personal attention from accredited facilitators including coaching on behaviour and drivers, as well as an individual Genos EI report.
The program will look at core models, tools and techniques that will allow you to expand on your strengths and develop your ability to manage yourself and others.


Session 1: Understanding the Principles
  • Genos model of emotional intelligence – seven skills of self awareness, expression, awareness of others, reasoning, self management, management of others and emotional self control
  • Expressing emotions for effective communication
  • Emotional awareness in self and others
  • Using emotions to facilitate thinking and reasoning
Session 2: Leading Others
  • Self-leadership; understanding behaviour, attitude, motivation, goals, beliefs and emotional triggers
  • Impact of experience – increasing self-awareness
  • Creating a firm foundation – PVV – as an individual, team and organisation
  • Creating a team charter – focus on behaviour to impact culture
  • Personality and communication strategies

Target Audience

Leaders (and potentially new leaders)


Two Days

Maximum Participants



Posted on

February 22, 2016