Managing Cultural Diversity


Maybe it’s a cultural thing? Managing culturally diverse teams and individuals well depends on your understanding of the influences of cultural differences on core business functions and customer service.

This interactive workshop will help you develop your ‘cultural competence’ – your ability to work effectively in any situation involving cultural diversity. In Australia’s multicultural workplaces, in international business and in attracting and retaining skilled migrants, cultural competence is critical to managing performance.

Learning Objectives

  • understanding of the contribution of cultural competence to organizational success
  • ability to recognise and explain the effects of cultural differences on business functions and team relationships
  • strategies and frameworks for analysing and dealing with cultural differences
  • skills for communicating with and leading people from different cultures


Session 1: Critical Issues
  • critical issues in managing team and stakeholder cultural diversity
  • developing organisational cultural competence
Session 2: Cross-Cultural Communication
  • the four elements of cross-cultural communication
  • understanding culture and learning about cultures
  • dynamics of culturally diverse teams
  • the psychology of cross-cultural adaptation
Session 3: Service & Planning
  • cultural factors in customer service
  • building cultural competence into business planning

Target Audience

Team leaders and supervisors in management environments


One day (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Maximum Participants



Posted on

February 22, 2016