Diversity is a fact of life and influences every aspect of our working lives. Knowing how differences in age, gender, cultural background and so on can affect workplace and customer relationships, decisions and actions helps managers to improve individual and team performance. The purpose of diversity management is to create a fair, harmonious, creative and productive organisation. This sounds perfectly sensible – but how is it achieved?

This interactive 1-day workshop is designed to help managers and team leaders to recognise and minimise the disadvantages of workforce and customer diversity, and to maximise their advantages.

Learning Objectives

  • understanding of and ability to contribute to organisational diversity strategies
  • ability to systematically review existing diversity factors and strategic responses to them
  • ability to promote the business and social cases for managing and working with diversity.
  • understanding of the dimensions of diversity in terms of business objectives
  • enhanced skills for communicating with and leading a diverse team


Session 1: Managing Stakeholder Diversity
  • critical issues in managing team and stakeholder diversity
  • the organisational and personal contexts and rationale for actively managing diversity
  • an integrated diversity management framework; structure and benefits
Session 2: Dimensions of Diversity
  • managing the dimensions of diversity: gender, generation and culture
  • diversity factors in customer service
  • factoring diversity into strategy development and business planning

Target Audience

Team members and client relation specialists


One day (9.00am – 5.00pm) (can be offered as a half-day workshop)

Maximum Participants



Posted on

February 22, 2016