Managing Remote Workers

Excel at Remote Work Management. This teaching workshop develops managers’ skills at managing remote workers. As managers know, while much can go right including achieving significant productivity gains, much can also go wrong.

The ‘Excel at Remote Work Management’ workshop draws on expert understanding of Anywhere Working to develop the key areas of knowledge, understanding and skill needed for excellent management of remote workers. This course is delivered as either an interactive one-day or two half-day workshops. Key learning activities address each factor that experts consider critical for the success of Anywhere Working in any organisation.

Learning Objectives

Workshop participants are equipped with:

  • Essential tools and techniques for developing virtual teams
  • A working understanding of trust – knowing why to trust your staff, when you can trust them and how to resolve performance issues
  • The ability to establishing job roles, responsibilities, goals and objectives clearly
  • The capacity to use communication strategies that make remote management effective
  • Strategies to support teleworkers


Session 1: Overview of Working Anywhere

Introduction to Anywhere Working: What’s in it for managers

  • Understanding your organisation’s approach to Anywhere Working
  • Understanding your personal readiness to manage teleworkers

Moving from management to leadership and project management

  • Overview – results-based management and trust
  • Leadership for Anywhere Working: flexible, innovative, trusting
  • Management Style for Anywhere Working: planned, well organised
  • Setting objectives, roles, scope and strategy
  • Time management
  • Flexible Delivery: monitoring progress, managing resources and stakeholders
  • Managing the change to Anywhere Working

Important communication strategies

  • Norms that guide communication
  • Balancing people and task-oriented communication
  • Using technology to communicate
  • Skill development: Establishing a communication protocol for your remote worker
  • Skill development: Counselling staff members who need further development before teleworking
Session 2: Managing the Process

Performance management

  • Unique features of performance management for remote work
  • Identifying poor performance (warning signs)
  • Skill development: Giving and receiving frequent, specific and honest feedback

Team Building

  • Unique features of virtual team development
  • Building team collaboration in a virtual environment
  • Managing diversity
  • Skill development: Group decision making

Important strategies to support teleworkers

  • Managing work-life balance
  • Avoiding co-worker sabotage
  • Skill development: Keeping your finger on the engagement pulse
Session 3: Specialised Streams

High Performing Teams

  • Taking effective remote management to the next level
  • Examination of the similarities between the remote work management style and the style used to establish high-performing teams.
  • This stream provides an opportunity to practise the high performance management style.

Establishing an organisational business case for Anywhere Working

  • Examination of the features of a business case for Anywhere Working and tools that support its development.
  • This stream provides an opportunity to develop a draft business case for your organisation.

Managing cross-cultural virtual teams

  • Assessment of cross-cultural experiences, underlying norms and cultural variations.
  • Examination of the strategies used by global firms to manage cross-cultural teams.
  • This stream provides an opportunity to practise the style characteristic of cross-cultural remote management.

Target Audience

Managers, supervisors and executives leading remote workers


Delivered as either a single full day or two half-day workshops

Maximum Participants

20 participants


Posted on

February 22, 2016