Managing Up

Managers are only successful if they have competent staff and a supporting team. But how can staff support their manager?

Everyone has a distinct work role within his or her organisation. Understanding how roles change, will make us more aware of the functions of our managers and the way in which we can work with them to improve productivity. A compatible relationship with your immediate manager is essential to being effective in your own job.

This program looks at strategies and techniques for establishing and maintaining a productive working relationship with your manager.

Learning Objectives

This workshop will enable learners to:

  • identify how your managers’ role changes as they are promoted
  • define your own work style preference and roles
  • identify and discuss different work style preferences
  • balance your work style to your supervisor’s expectations
  • communicate effectively with managers, including the giving and receiving of feedback


Session 1: Roles of Managers
  • overview of course & introductions
  • exercise – dilemma of boss / playing the victim
  • basics of management
  • changing role of managers
  • debate – “The Manager is always Right”
  • development of leadership & followship
Session 2: Work Styles and Preferences
  • a model for work styles
  • different work and team environments
  • assessing your own work style
  • assessing your manager’s work style
  • ideas for improving the relationship
Session 3: Communicating with your Manager
  • fostering open & assertive communication
  • giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • asking, influencing, persuading & negotiating skills
  • strategies for presenting information
  • challenging situations in the workplace
Session 4: Action Planning
  • implementing new ideas & skills in the workplace
  • summary and close of course


Target Audience

Team members who desire a better relationship with their immediate supervisor.


Half-day (typically 9.00am – 12.30pm)

Maximum Participants