This one-day workshop provides senior executives with an excellent insight into the media and how journalists operate in the field. It also provides tangible skills to help prepare for media interviews, explain the “media traps” and how to avoid them, gives participants interview practice and builds their confidence through extensive feedback and reinforcement.

Learning Objectives

This workshop will enable learners to:

  • Develop tangible skills for handling media interviews prior to, at the scene or following any incident
  • Gain more confidence in dealing with the media in any circumstance
  • Enhance the skills necessary to become pro active and take control during an interview, particularly when under pressure
  • Cope with difficult media situations you may encounter when faced with a hostile public or media
  • Sharpen the skills of those who may be required to face the media for any reason, handle questioning following any incident or to provide background information on a particular situation.


Session 1: Understanding the media and being ‘good talent’
Session 2: Talking to the media – proactive or reactive?
Session 3: Planning for your media interview (the message & nerves)
Session 4: The interview (language, pitfalls & being misquoted)
Session 5: Practising the interview (3 separate interviews with feedback)


Target Audience

Anybody who is required to front the media – staff responsible for briefing executives or ministers prior to media interviews; or anyone responsible for communications, public relations or media liaison


One day 9.00am-5.00pm

Maximum Participants


Posted on

February 22, 2016