Negotiation skills are important in any business activity. Success is reflected in the bottom line outcome and the individual negotiator’s reputation. For negotiators to be successful, they need to have confidence, skill and careful planning.

Training in negotiation skills has been around for many years, proposing a variety of approaches and tactics, but no one system or approach will work for all negotiations. The approaches used in this course will provide learners with the confidence, and the ability to reach effective agreements in both competitive and collaborative situations. Emphasis is placed on the development of strategies and the sensitivity needed to determine the appropriateness of particular actions and behaviours to achieve the desired outcomes.

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to assist negotiators exceed expected outcomes in both collaborative (win-win) and competing (win-lose) negotiation situations. This course will enable learners to:

  • Assess their natural styles, strengths and vulnerabilities as negotiators
  • Set clear objectives and positions on each issue, develop appropriate negotiation styles and strategies for a range of negotiation situations
  • Analyse both parties’ positions and respective power
  • Plan effectively for individual and team negotiations
  • Discuss the phases of negotiating, and the characteristics of each phase
  • Identify, use and counter a range of negotiation tactics and processes
  • Secure improved negotiation results while maintaining business relationships
  • Develop techniques and action plans that will improve their ability in future workplace negotiations.


Session 1: The Negotiation Process
  • conditions for negotiation
  • the negotiation styles and approaches
  • models for negotiation
Session 2: Preparing for Negotiations
  • defining negotiation issues
  • setting objectives and limits
  • analysing the objective, political and cultural factors
  • planning appropriate strategies
Session 3: Competitive Styles & Situations
  • determining the bargaining range
  • maximising your share of it
  • planning appropriate strategies and techniques
  • negotiation practice (case study)
  • video replay and processing of case study
Session 4: Negotiating with Specific Clients
  • applying preparation concepts and style descriptions to current workplace applications
  • discussing participants’ experiences that may be useful to future negotiations
Session 5: The Negotiation Process
  • opening strategies – creating the right atmosphere, and communication of positions
  • middle phase strategies – creating & maintaining momentum, giving feedback and analysis new information
  • end game strategies – testing the limits and using deadline pressure
Session 6: Collaborative Styles
  • joint problem solving techniques & when to use them
  • Harvard Negotiation model
  • negotiation practice (case study)
  • video replay and processing of case study
Session 7: Negotiation Tactics
  • identifying competitive and cooperative tactics
  • discussing the purpose and execution of various tactics
  • discussing counter measures
Session 8: Complex Negotiations
  • applying preparation & negotiation phases to a complex case
  • team negotiators, their roles and discipline
  • focus of overall strategy
  • negotiation practice (complex issues & multiple parties)
  • video replay and debriefing of case study.
Session 9: Reviewing Your Negotiations
  • implementing the agreement
  • planning the next negotiation with same party
  • developing new skills for future negotiations
  • action planning for workplace transfer (using a diagnostic questionnaire)

Target Audience

Managers & staff involved in negotiating within or on behalf of their organisation.


Two days (9:00am – 5:00pm)

Maximum Participants



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February 22, 2016