Reinventing Your Career

During this workshop you will take stock of your past and existing career and view it within the broader context of your whole life. You will explore your values, skills, preferred work environment; working style; and life goals so that you can set goals and plan the springboard to your career for the next 10 years onwards.
This creative and highly interactive workshop is designed for anyone who is reinventing their career because they are being retrenched; feel the need for a complete change of direction; feel burnt out; are returning to the workplace after an extended time away; or simply want to sharpen the focus on their existing career.

Learning Objectives

This workshop will enable learners to:

  • Map their past and future career
  • Build a portfolio of self knowledge – values, skills, career directions, personality preferences
  • Set goals and map out a strategy for achieving career goals
  • Develop a networking plan
  • Re-brand, focus on image and draft personal branding documents (eg Linkedin profile, CV, taglines)


Session 1: Career and Life Mapping
  • Overview of course & introductions
  • Mapping past career and life events
  • Introduction to Donald Super’s life rainbow
  • Framework for the future
  • Current wheel of life
Session 2: Chaos Theory of Careers
  • Getting “luck ready”- planned happenstance theory of career development
  • Portfolio of self knowledge – Values, preferences, working styles, personality assessment etc
  • Identifying a range of career options
  • Calibrating the career radar
Session 3: Planning
  • Setting career goals for the short to long term
  • Identifying steps, resources and time frames for goal achievement
  • Committing to action
Session 4: Branding and Networking
  • Identify a purpose statement, career summary and tagline
  • Reflect on personal image and positioning
  • Develop a strategic networking plan – what, when, where, how and maintenance
  • Tips for ‘pain free’ networking
  • Introduction to CV writing and protocols for Linked In

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February 22, 2016