The focus of this course is to provide potential project managers with the project management techniques that will enable them to plan, monitor and control projects in a consistent and effective way.

Learning Objectives

As a result of this program, participants can expect to:

  • plan the key tasks required to meet operational plans
  • set and meet own work priorities
  • plan resources to meet targets
  • manage their work projects to achieve planned outcomes
  • monitor resource usage

Participants will learn project management concepts, models for project management, a variety of planning and organising tools, how to engage stakeholders, develop the project scope, obtain resources, and control the project including monitoring, diagnosing problems and managing day-to-day priorities.

Participants will be provided with a variety of templates for projects. The format for the workshop is to cover the full lifecycle of project management (from project initiation, through implementation to project closure) in theory and through practical, specific exercises.

The pace will fast and fun, focusing on areas of need identified by participants


Session 1: Project management overview
  • Integration of projects
  • Scope
  • Risk
  • Procurement
  • Managing resources (including teams)
  • Communications
  • Quality
  • Scheduling (time)
  • Budgeting (finance)
Session 2: The Project Manager
  • Roles and duties
  • Key Competencies
Session 3: Project Model and Structure
  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Delivery
  • Finalization
Session 4: Building your project plan
  • Objectives
  • Scoping statements
  • Broad strategies
Session 5: Planning and Organising Tools
  • Work Breakdown Structures
  • Estimating
  • Dependencies and Sequencing
  • Duration versus Effort
  • Managing & Controlling Schedules
  • GANTT, PERT and automated tools
Session 6: Building Schedules and Project Expenditure Tracking
  • Determining Budgets
  • Managing & Controlling Budgets
  • Quality Management Systems
Session 7: Obtaining resources and controlling a Project
  • Resource planning
  • Control systems
  • Managing project teams
Session 8: Managing the team in the Project Management process
  • Communications planning
  • Leading and managing projects
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Project meetings, reports and record keeping
Session 9: Project Completion
  • Risk management
  • Issues logs
  • Procurement management
  • Project finalisation
Session 10: Action Planning for real projects
  • Discussion of participants’ projects
  • Application of concepts to workplace

Target Audience

Project managers and key staff of projects (assumes no prior knowledge of project management)


Two days (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Maximum Participants

16 (please contact Berrico to discuss accreditation options at Certificate and Diploma levels)


Posted on

February 22, 2016