Train Small Groups

The Train Small Groups program is designed as an introduction to training for trainers, human resource development professionals, supervisors and people who have responsibilities for developing other staff in the workplace. This statement of attainment is available for people who deliver training in an industry area or area of subject matter expertise. The statement is a cross industry qualification that addresses the four elements of training small groups.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the program participants can expect to:

  • describe the context of training in Australia today
  • utilise brain based learning using the Kaleidoscope for Thinking
  • identify a range of factors which impact on the learning environment
  • plan quality learning experiences
  • implement a variety of training delivery methods
  • facilitate learning of small groups in the workplace
  • evaluate training for continual improvement


Session 1: Prepare for training
Session 2: Deliver training
Session 3: Opportunities for practice
Session 4: Review of training
Session 5: Discussion & action plans

Target Audience

Anybody who is required to train other staff in the workplace


Three days (typically two days then one week before the assessment day)

Maximum Participants



Posted on

February 22, 2016