Understanding International Business Cultures

Engaging in international business is challenging. Cultural differences between Australian exporters and importers and their trading partners can sometimes present significant obstacles to developing effective business relationships.

In a globalised economy, having an understanding of the many ways that national cultures influence business cultures is a critical factor for success. Establishing and improving your organisation’s ‘cultural competence’ – the ability to work effectively in any culture – can significantly contribute to your competitive advantage.

Learning Objectives

  • understanding of the influences of cultural differences on international business
  • ability to investigate the business cultures of specific trading partners and target markets
  • communication skills and strategies for international management, negotiation and marketing
  • awareness and strategies for living and working overseas


Session 1: Business Cultures
  • understanding business cultures in the international business context
  • competencies for International Business Management
  • developing a global business mindset and overseas effectiveness
  • case studies: The Cultural Detective Method
Session 2: Developing Cultural Competence
  • developing personal and organisational cultural competence
  • developing cross-cultural communication and language skills
  • understanding cross-cultural adaptation
  • investigating National and Business Cultures
Session 3: Expat to Repat
  • managing the overseas deployment cycle: Expat to Repat
  • building cultural competence into Export Planning and Operations

Target Audience

Team leaders and supervisors in management environments


One day (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Maximum Participants



Posted on

February 22, 2016