This is a practical one-day course for project team members who need to understand project management methodologies. It will help develop their personal time management & priority setting skills so they can effectively contribute to the success of projects.

Learning Objectives

As a result of this program the participants will learn how to:

  • use formal project management principles to achieve planned outcomes
  • identify effective time management practices
  • identify goals and set priorities
  • identify common time wasters and how to control them
  • use a personal time management system (that meets their personal style and project needs)
  • delegate & coach tasks in a suitable manner.


Session 1: Principles of Managing Your Time & Workload
  • overview of course structure & personal introductions
  • balancing the demands of day-to-day tasks and projects
  • models and principles for managing time & projects
  • myths about time management
  • how people try to cope with increasing work pressure
Session 2: Diagnosing Current Use of Time
  • top time wasters in the workplace
  • identifying time wasters of participants
  • goal setting – the foundation of time management
  • harmonising work and personal goals
  • templates to audit how your time is spent in the workplace
  • Video: Time Challenged
Session 3: Project Management Principles
  • basic techniques of project management
  • using planning charts and tools
  • setting priorities – time matrix
  • determining important and urgent tasks
  • utilising the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) to advantage
  • ‘to do’ lists and diary usage
  • planning systems to assist scheduling
  • managing crisis in the workplace
  • controlling the interruptions
Session 4: Managing Timewasters & Action Planning
  • follow-up specific identified time wasters
  • delegating tasks – how and when
  • stress management – the by-product of poor time management
  • implementing new ideas into the workplace

Target Audience

Project team members.


One day (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Maximum Participants



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February 22, 2016